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Delighted to announce

We are delighted to anounce that Councillor Bill Revans and Councillor Dr Gary Wong have been selected to stand in North Petherton for the Somerset Liberal Democrats in the May 2022 council elections..

Putting the heart back into S💛merset. 



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Another Lib Dem win for Somerset West & Taunton

Liberal Democrats were celebrating last night (Thursday) after Nicole Hawkins was elected to the district council in a by-election caused by the disqualification of Minehead mayor Paul Bolton from the council. With a turnout of 518, the results were:


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ACTION TAKEN Small improvement schemes:

As our local county councillor Bill can put forward, with the town or parish councils’ support, schemes to improve the highways. It has taken over four years for the schemes to approach completion.

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Covid Pandemic Update

Bill and Gary are hugely grateful to all in the community who stepped up to help neighbours during the lockdowns over the last eighteen months. Gary’s workload in the NHS has increased hugely and Bill has been hands on with helping in the community.

Stockmoor & Wilstock Country Park


At last all the long awaited bridges have been delivered and the country park should be adopted by Sedgemoor District Council in 2022.

A community “Friends of the country park” group will be set up to ensure that the community has a say in how the park is run. Meanwhile Bill and Gary will be pushing for the developers to complete all the remaining elements of the country park so that it can be adopted on time. Of particular concern is to ensure that the cycle paths connect through to the road network at both Stockmoor and Wilstock.

Bill, Barney and Bailey

…Bag it and Bin it


Dog mess is a significant issue throughout the area. Responsibility lies with the dog owner to make sure that it is cleared up. The town council is providing further dog bins, but these can only be sited in areas where they can be easily collected and away from homes. If you are aware of anyone leaving dog mess, please can you report to Sedgemoor District Council dog wardens.

Stockmoor Roads Adoption

Bill and Gary are pushing Somerset County Council to adopt the Stockmoor roads from Persimmon Homes as soon as possible. Currently the hold up is on whether there are the requisite number of street lights on Stockmoor Drive. Once the roads are adopted to proper standards it will be possible for the council to look at parking and speeding issues in the village.

Wilstock Bus Gate


Bill and Gary have again been raising the issue of the Wilstock Bus Gate with Somerset County Council and Bloor Homes. The original design for the village was that there would be a through bus route.

There is no prospect of this happening. An emergency services access gate has been agreed but it is taking for ever for this to be designed. Meanwhile the ugly concrete blocks have now been there for five years

Blocked Gulleys



Storm drains and gulleys are cleared every three years currently by Somerset County Council. The flash flooding in July showed that this is not often enough. Bill contacted the Highways team to get an emergency clean of the gulleys in the worst affected areas of North Petherton after the floods, but maintaining them properly would be a more effective use of money and would have saved local residents much time on clearing up.

No need for speed



There has been a pattern throughout the area of complaints about speeding traffic, in our country lanes, residential streets and main roads. This makes life dangerous and unpleasant for our local communities, especially children, the elderly, those who walk or ride. Lower speeds reduces carbon emissions and fuel consumption.

Bill and Gary have been working with our town and parish councils, Highways Officers and the police to look at reducing speeding in the area. Resources are limited, and we are doing what we can. We want everyone to do their bit.

Please think carefully about how you drive. Speed kills.

Trip to North Shropshire

TEAM of Somerset LibDem supporters travelled to North Shropshire to be on hand when the party toppled the Conservatives in this week's by-election.


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New leader for Somerset Lib Dems

Somerset County Council’s Lib Dems’ new Leader’s message: “Lib Dems Listen” as Conservatives cancel their Cabinet meeting - no business to discuss!

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Bridgwater and West Somerset Liberal Democrats slam single unitary decision


The Conservative Government has announced plans to merge all four of Somerset’s district councils into the county council and create one “super council” for Somerset, stretching from County Gate to the other side of Frome and ignoring the democratic decision of the people of Somerset in favour of two unitary councils (Eastern and Western Somerset).

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Thank you from the Bridgwater and West Somerset Liberal Democrats!

Sunday 4th July has been declared national Thank You Day – a day for all of us to thank those people who have helped us get through the last 18 months.

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Steve Griffiths wins Old Cleeve and District by-election

Liberal Democrat Steve Griffiths has won the Old Cleeve & District ward by-election, beating off challenges from former Conservative Councillors Martin Dewdney and Richard Lillis (standing as an Independent).

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“Local democracy at stake,” say Somerset Liberal Democrats in wake of plan to create new unitary authority

Jane Lock, Leader of the Liberal Democrat group at Somerset County Council

The Liberal Democrat Group at Somerset County Council has released the following statement in response to the Conservative Leader of the Council’s statement of intent to actively pursue the creation of a Unitary Authority for Somerset.

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Ask Bill: What are your plans to tackle the climate change emergency

The climate crisis isn't only in the national news on a daily basis it's also a subject Bill gets asked about every day that he is out campaigning.  The crisis is evident across the globe including in our beautiful corner of it in Somerset and below Bill lays out his plans for Britain to tackle the crisis head on.

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Ask Bill: How will you support our countryside?

In our ongoing series sharing some of the questions Bill has been receiving from constituents today he shares his plans for addressing concerns about our surrounding countryside and rural life.

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Ask Bill: Will you pledge to protect the NHS if you win?

In his travels around the constituency Bill is asked many questions on issues that are important to the local community. Over the next few days we will share some of the most common questions and pressing issues you have been asking about.  Today Bill answers your concerns on the future of the NHS.

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Bill Revans chosen as Liberal Democrat candidate

Bill Revans has been selected to be the Liberal Democrat candidate for Bridgwater and West Somerset at the next General Election.

Having lived in this constituency all his life, growing up in Goathurst and now living in North Petherton, Bill was the Liberal Democrat candidate here in 1992. He then took a break from politics to focus on his career as a teacher in local comprehensive schools and to raise a family.

Bill resumed his political activity in 2007 and is currently the Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Sedgemoor District Council as well as being a member of Somerset County Council and the Exmoor National Park Authority.

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Two new MEPs elected for South West England and Gibraltar

Caroline Voaden and Martin Horwood have been elected as the new Liberal Democrat MEPs for the South West England and Gibraltar constituency.

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Bridgwater and West Somerset Liberal Democrats hail best local election results in decades

The Bridgwater and West Somerset Liberal Democrats got six district councillors elected at the recent local election – their best result for over 20 years.

Across the constituency the Liberal Democrats won 6,580 votes and came second to the Conservatives.

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European election candidates announced


The Liberal Democrats have announced the candidates they will be fielding in the South West England and Gibraltar region in the European elections on 23rd May.

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Bridgwater and West Somerset Liberal Democrats announce local election candidates

Bridgwater and West Somerset Liberal Democrats have announced their candidates for the 2019 Sedgemoor District Council and Somerset West and Taunton Council elections.

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Fix Minehead Level Cross

Tourism is an essential part of Minehead and a core part of that is the West Somerset Railway which ends its journey in Minehead.

The Seaward level crossing in Minehead located before the railway station was closed  when it was found that the existing half-barrier, controlled automatically by trains, was worn out and could fail, causing a dangerous situation. The condition of the crossing needs to be improved due to the high volume of traffic on the road that has increased over the last 20 years, 

Anyone who wishes to enjoy the railway journey needs to take a shuttle bus from Dunster to Minehead!

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Liberal Democrats surge into second place in local council elections

The Liberal Democrats have surged into second place in the Bridgwater and West Somerset constituency at the local elections, making them the clear challengers to the Tories in May’s General Election.

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Bill Revans wins North Petherton from the Tories


Bill Revans has gained the North Petherton division from the Conservative in the Somerset County Council elections.

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The Bridgwater and West Somerset Lib Dem team for the Somerset County Council Elections 2017


The LibDems are fighting all twelve seats in this constituency (the first time since 2005) and in all 55 across Somerset, aiming to take back overall control of the County Council from the Conservatives. The manifesto can be read at:

The most marginal Conservative Division in the county is North Petherton, a top LibDem target which local Sedgemoor District Councillor Bill Revans will be contesting, after losing by just 20 votes last time. Bill is an experienced local Councillor, a former Mayor of North Petherton and a local political heavyweight. A Secondary School teacher by profession, he is currently a family carer.

In Bridgwater Town, the LibDems are standing a determined new team. In Bridgwater East & Bawdrip , Kings Down resident and Bridgwater Without Parish Council Chairman Mike Senior will be building on his local government experience from Bath. A butcher, he will be fighting Tory cuts. In Bridgwater North & Central, Church youth worker and barman Antony Nickolls will be serving an energetic campaign. Antony grew up in Sydenham where his father was a LibDem District Councillor and has huge experience working with the homeless in Bridgwater. Antony is also standing in the Sedgemoor District Council by-election in Eastover Ward. Michelle Phillips brings her business and community experience to the team and will be standing in Bridgwater West. Michelle is community minded and has been launching a “Timebank” to encourage neighbourliness and volunteering in newly built housing developments. Local man Daniel Kelly is standing in Bridgwater South. Dan has a Masters degree in Law and will be using his massive experience of working for Members of Parliament and local Councillors to get a fairer deal for Bridgwater.

Cannington and Huntspill are both former LibDem seats and looking to win them back will be Jill Dillamore and Phil Harvey. Jill has recently retired from a career in personnel. Jill will offer Somerset County Council huge experience, as the authority is under-going a staffing crisis. Retired Deputy Headteacher Phil was a former council leader in Chelmsford, before retiring back to his native Somerset. In the King Alfred Division a political dynasty is being started with the outstanding Emma Munt, daughter of former Wells MP Tessa Munt, challenging the Conservatives.

West Somerset LibDems are on the up after their massive victory in the Dunster and Timberscombe by-election last month. Their victor, Peter Pilkington is standing in the Exmoor & Dulverton Division, where his experience as a stockman and shepherd will help round up the LibDem vote in the biggest ward in the County. In Dunster Division, retired Headteacher James Wall has been working hard on the doorsteps to win this huge area. James taught Latin during his career and is aiming to teach the Conservatives tempora mutantur. A racing tipster, James predicts this result will be worth an outside bet on May 4thas the LibDems have excellent form in Dunster. Former West Somerset Watchet Councillor Tony Bowden is making up the team in Watchet & Stogursey. A leading figure in Minehead & West Somerset Golf Club, he is hoping for a big swing on May 4th. In Minehead, local businessman and former Town Councillor Marcus Kravis will be slotting in, hoping to regain the once former Lib Dem Minehead seat, which he missed out on by just 120 votes to UKIP four years ago. Marcus has run a business in Minehead for over 20 years and will be able to use his experience of business and tourism to give the town a boost at County Hall. Marcus stood for Parliament in the last General election against Liam Fox and is currently the Parliamentary Spokesman for Bridgwater & West Somerset. Standing for the West Somerset by-election, and hoping to repeat the spectacular gain in Dunster & Timberscombe in Minehead North Ward will be Benet Allen. Benet is a local resident, coach driver and helicopter pilot. A genuine high flyer, he specialises in aerial photography and has previously worked as a journalist for Reuters.

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