ACTION TAKEN Small improvement schemes:

As our local county councillor Bill can put forward, with the town or parish councilsÔÇÖ support, schemes to improve the highways. It has taken over four years for the schemes to approach completion.

The first scheme is from Newton Road in North Petherton to North Newton school. The scheme will improve signage, extend the speed limits between the two villages, put in an advisory 20s plenty zone around both the schools and make the roads safer for pedestrians to cross. It has needed alteration to allow for the increased demand for parking on Newton Road since the highly successful improvements to the Memorial playing fields.

The other scheme will be to protect residents properties on North Street and Dancing Hill as larger vehicles struggle to make the turning onto High Street. These roads are marked as unsuitable for HGVs, but Sedgemoor Council gave planning permissions that have increased their usage in recent years.

There is a further round of Small Improvement Schemes being promised. Bill expects to ask Highways to look at measures to make the road safer through Outwood, West Lyng and East Lyng and along the main A38 through North Petherton.

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